What's included?

All aftercare product that you will need for the initial and secondary procedures.

One secondary session within 3 months of the initial procedure.

Numbing & procedure in a private studio room



Deposits are $250 per procedure and are nonrefundable.  Deposits will be paid at the time of scheduling & will be deducted from the procedure cost.


Hair/Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, Scar Camouflage, Beauty Marks & Freckles

$300+ hourly

Hyper Realistic NAC/Nipple Areola Complex




Annual Color Boost $250 (Initial Procedure must have been performed by Liz Cook )



Cheek Blush, Contouring & Periorbital Concealer


Lash Enhancement $ 400

Eyeliner Top or Bottom Liner/Smokey/Winged $ 450

Eyeliner Top & Bottom Liner/Smokey/Winged $ 550

Eyeliner/Smoke/Winged Multi Color +$50

Eye Shadow +$100

Annual Color Boost $250 minimum/50% OFF (Initial Procedure must have been performed by Liz Cook & may not include additional design)