Tattoos are permanent.  However, over time with any tattoo, a person can experience fading and pigment migration to a varied degree depending on how it’s looked after and where it is on the body.  Generally, I tell my clients the better the skin, the better the tattoo will look over time.  If you take care of your work, it will last.  If you abuse your skin, you are abusing your work and therefore may need color refreshers later on down the road. 

        The same applies to cosmetic tattoos however to an even greater degree.  Fading is greater as the skin is much thinner and exfoliates much faster on its own while the effects of chemical peels and other procedures done over a lifetime magnify this.  Also sun exposure lightens these areas to a greater degree than tattoos on the rest of the body so aftercare is top priority as with any tattoo.

        Color refreshers are generally a must for cosmetic face tattoos.  The lighter they are initially, the sooner the refresher procedure as in the case with ‘nude’ or ‘natural’ lips and blonde eyebrows.  Brows and lips are usually good to refresh about 1-5 years out and eyeliner about 5-10.  On a positive note though, this allows for greater flexibility with changing hair color overtime and with current trends.