Because it’s awesome!!!  Okay, obviously I’m a super big supporter of permanent cosmetics.  I’ve had several procedures done since my early 20’s and still love it!  My reasons for doing it are simply time management and sports.  It’s faster, period.  Even if you are doing additional makeup on top, it’s faster. Who has times these days to be a perfectionist every morning and sometimes multiple times a day!? 

        And you don’t have to worry about it smearing off when you sweat or are in the water or have oily skin or not to mention if you have allergies and rub your eyes.  Seriously the list goes on!  My mom loves it because she can’t really see as well anymore and gets shaky hands when she does her makeup…me too if I’ve had caffeine! 

        And it’s a great way to reshape and camouflage several issues like scars for example or alopecia and receding hairlines or regain control with areola reconstruction!