You'll look a little ‘scary’ for about a week before flaking and swelling are gone.  Tattoos actually take initially anywhere from 30-60 days for elasticity to return and not be overly damaged by sun exposure to new healing skin.  In reality though, a tattoo actually takes up to a year to fully heal under the surface where collagen reforms its natural patterns as much as it can around pigment molecules.  You really don’t need to worry about this later phase. 

        Your main goal for cosmetic tattoo healing is to not wear any makeup on the tattooed area until healed.  Picking at flaking can cause pigment loss or ‘holidays’ in an otherwise solid heal and can potentially lead to infection.  Once the skin enters the flaking portion of healing (1-4 days depending on procedure and skin type) it is no longer and open wound.  For complete aftercare instructions please see the AFTERCARE page on this website.